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Furnace Repair and Replacement

Heat Pump & Furnace Repair near me 

Heating & Cooling

If your furnace can be repaired, ELI'S will repair it.

If it is beyond its useful life,  and not economic to repair,  ELI'S will carefully explain your options. Furnaces have progressed greatly in the last twenty years, both in comfort and in efficiency.


We have literally hundred of reviews.

Heat Pump & Furnace Repair near me

Heat Pumps

Heat Pump  Repairs near me.

Rockville HVAC
Potomac Heating & Air

Usually combined with electrical resistance heat (for very cold days), heat pumps are noted for their efficiency.  ELI's is licensed and insured to work on ALL heat pumps,   

Gas Furnaces

Natural Gas Furnace Repairs near me.

HVAC is Potomac
Rockville HVAC

ELI's specializes in clean-burning natural gas.  Noted for both its convenience and its  efficiency, ELI's services ALL brands and can help you save money.  Year after year.

Propane Heat

Propane Furnace repairs

Unlike natural gas, which dissipates in air, being heavier than air Propane pools in low spots,increasing the dangers to do-it-yourselfers.

ELIS's mechanics know the ins and outs of propane.  

Electrical Resistance Heat

Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

The least efficient, most expensive heating system known to man.

If you're still using electrical resistance heating  for your whole house, call us today and set up an exploratory appointment.

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