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  • Check the filters: The filters in your air conditioner help clean the air moving through your cooling system and into your indoor spaces. They also contribute to the airflow needed to ensure the equipment operates properly. Dirty, clogged air filters are a major contributor to cooling system malfunctions and breakdowns. Check these filters at least once a month and change them when they get dirty.

  • Ensure proper airflow: The conditions surrounding the outside unit of your air conditioning system also affect system airflow. Make sure that grass, weeds, hedges, tree limbs, and other vegetation is trimmed away from the outside unit to provide plenty of clearance for proper airflow. Remove mud, dirt, leaves, sticks, and other material from the cabinet vents.
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  • Hire a professional: Almost anyone can change an air conditioner filter, but when it comes to the more complex technical elements of preventive maintenance, always hire Eli's Heating & Air Conditioning. ELi's HVAC Experts will be able to evaluate the performance and condition of your cooling system and make necessary adjustments and minor repairs that will improve performance and extend the equipment’s lifespan.

  • Purchase a maintenance service agreement: Sometimes called a service contract, a maintenance service agreement provides for an agreed-upon schedule of maintenance services from Eli's. Eli's HVAC company will schedule maintenance visits for you. Many service agreements also provide benefits such as discounts and expedited service.